Permanent Make-Up

Permanent make up creates a more beautiful you. Eyeliner can enhance your eye color. A lip liner will give your lips a fuller look. And the right eyebrows will give you a lovely glow.

At Blue Tattoo Cafe we can provide you with hundreds of helpful tips and information about permanent make up and the best way to find a trusted permanent make up technician. We will help you enhance your style and personality by using the current permanent make up trends to make you look gorgeous.

We only use the best products in the market. We have:

  • Eye Liner
  • Full Lips
  • Lip Liner
  • Powder Eyebrows
  • Beauty Marks
  • Hair Simulation Eyebrows
  • Permanent Make Up Removal
  • Skin Needling
  • And More!

Below are pictures of clients with healed permanent make up. Please feel free to browse through them to help you decide on the best style of permanent make up for you.

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